Everyone codes differently and has their own way that they like to program, myself included. So, I thought I would take a second to share the typography choices I made for coding ActionScript and why. I work on a 30” HD monitor, so it is very important for me to take measures to protect my eyes. One thing that helps is making my coding environment much more high contrast and easy to stare at for hours at a time. I got the idea from an article by “the Hamstu” entitled “The Typography of Code,” which I recommend as a fun place to start. Here’s the basic rundown for me. Dark background, high contrast colors, Consolas Regular 10 point font. I chose Consolas after trying many, many others, including the ones listed in the article I mentioned. You name a coding font, I have tried it. Consolas looks great at any size and is highly readable.

Windows users may already have it if they have installed Office 2007. If not, you can still grab the font, and some other beautiful new typefaces by installing the Microsoft Powerpoint Viewer 2007.

Mac users can get the new font set from the Open Office XML Converter apparently. I work on a PC (I know, I know) so I have no way of testing it. If it doesn’t work, I have a few other alternatives, though admittedly, they’re a little more involved.

As far as color choices, I’ve included the color swatches .clr file, a text file with the Hex values, and CS3 fla so you can grab the colors and start using them right away if you like. And just so you know, there is a Flex Formatter Eclipse Plugin, and you can always just modify your ‘Colors and Fonts’ /’Syntax Coloring’ in Flex/Flash Builder. Happy coding! (Update: Link has since been removed)