Yeah, I probably could have come up with a wittier headline than that, but it’s late. This may not seem like a big announcement, but for the sake of convenience, I wanted to let everyone know that the name of my blog has changed. What was previously known as “Sleepwalker’s Dream” is now being re-branded “Commented Out.”

The previous title was actually a reference to a record (as in music) I have been working on for years. Unfortunately it was also a reference that no one got but me and try as I might, I just never could come up with something I liked and made sense.

So, with regards to my ongoing effort to make this a quality, read-worthy blog, I thought I would try to come up with something a little more appropriate. Like most great ideas, it hit me late last night when I was trying to fall asleep. Anyway, the title “Commented Out” just came to me and sounded perfect, for reasons that I think are pretty obvious on a couple of levels.

Then, I got all excited and thought about trying to register another domain, but someone else has it already, and honestly, the last thing I want to do right now is try to set up another domain, though it does expire at the end of this month.

So to summarize, the domain is still the same: The RSS feed is now, and the FeedBurner url has changed to

This shouldn’t affect anyone, especially since I just set up FeedBurner two nights ago, and the old parameter-formatted feed link still seems to work.

But if there are any hiccups, feel free to contact me at and I will do my best to patch it up. I also sent an update to Adobe Feeds and they, being the consummate professionals that they are, assured me it will be updated soon.

I also added a very recent professional headshot to my ‘About’ page. The photographer I used is an absolute pro and a delight to work with. I would be happy to pass along her information if anyone would like it.

There are also some new links to some of the sites I belong to on the About page as well. Hope to see everyone on those too! Thanks everyone!

Update: AXNA has updated the feed URL and Blog title! Check it out here.