FOTB Banner European developers and designers: Interested in litl? Will you be in Brighton from Sept 26-29? Then you’re in luck! I’ll be on hand, (as an attendee, not a speaker… this year ), to show off the litl OS, at Flash on the Beach! I’m super excited about demoing the litl OS for the European developer base. I also can’t wait to be blown away by the sheer amount of talent that exists among the staggering speaker lineup! Get your tickets now, before they run out! So, be sure to get a running start with the litl SDK, and start submitting channels at

I can’t wait to see what you come up with! See you in Brighton! UPDATE: It appears that I may have left this particular post a bit too open for interpretation. First off, note that this is my personal blog, and the statements and opinions expressed are mine only. That said, this post was to express my excitement to finally attend FOTB, and part of that excitement is that I can share many things about litl with the European Community. Since litl is not sponsoring this year, I want to be careful not to overshadow the great sponsors FOTB organizer John Davey has lined up – those who help make this event possible. If you see me there, I’ll gladly show you some cool stuff, as attendees most often do while networking at events. However, it was definitely not my intention to imply I am solely there to promote anything. I’m genuinely excited for the event itself, and merely wanted to let those in attendance know that I’ll be around if they would like to see what litl can do first hand. Nothing more, nothing less. Just clarifying. Thank you.