Update: This video has been taken down. Well, I had some free time, with all of the missing Flash Camp Boston I’m doing, so I thought I’d put together a screencast demonstrating how to set up FDT and Flash Professional. This is my first ever screencast, so, forgive the “uh”s, “umm”s, and any tangential rambling. I’m planning on doing a lot of screencasts in the future, so I’m testing out different software. So, until I figure out what software and screen resolution I want to use, I’m resorting to hacking Jing’s embed code. If the video below isn’t big enough (and it probably isn’t), hit this link to see the full version. Update: I’ve obtained a license for ScreenFlow (thanks to my boss), and will be using it to do screencasts from now on. I ran over my Screencast.com bandwidth limit, which is actually a very good thing, all thanks to you! The only bad news is that I had to record the SWF in ScreenFlow (yes, because I was too lazy to try to convert it or re-record it), but the good news is that there are no bandwidth issues and it’s much more manageable in WordPress now. Enjoy.

(video has since been removed)