Incredible news! litl is now a sponsor of FITC San Francisco, and I’ll be representing them there! Come join me as I walk-through the ins and outs of contextual application UX development, and see some of the exciting new features of the litl OS! Session Title: It’s All About Context:

Flash is everywhere now. On the desktop, in pockets, and even on TVs. The key to making your application uniquely valuable is to provide a consistent user experience by focusing on context. While we have the tools to create/author 80% of the code and interface, we must capitalize on the uniqueness of each device and platform to deliver an optimal experience that is mobilized, not minimized. Discover how screen resolution, portability, native interface controls, and use-case - the context of your app - dictate how the last 20% of the experience needs to be tailored. In this session, we’ll explore the new range of capabilities you should consider when planning to deploy applications across a variety of contexts including web (Flash Player 10.1), mobile (Android phone) and the litl OS - (

I think there are a lot of misconceptions regarding user experience when it comes to multi-screen workflows, but we’re entering this new era of flexible development relatively early as a platform, and I’m hoping to help start us out on the right foot by focusing on leveraging the advantages each context affords. This is an incredible opportunity, and I’d like to extend an ecstatic thank you to litl and Shawn Pucknell for allowing me to be amongst this hall-of-fame quality speaker lineup! Now if I can just keep from gushing. Nope. Can’t do it. The lineup is EPIC as well, and chock full of brilliant minds. I’m personally incredibly excited to (hopefully) meet folks like Brendan Dawes, who I’ve referred to as “My Interaction Design Hero” on multiple occasions, and, of Essential ActionScript notoriety, Colin Moock. These are two individuals that I have learned a great deal from in my short career, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to shake their hands and thank them personally. It’s always an absolute blast catching up with old friends and colleagues as well as getting to meet some of the coolest and most talented folks in the Flash Community! Also, San Fran! I’ve never been to San Francisco, but my wife loves it, and so does about everyone else I know who has visited or lived there. I can’t wait to explore it for myself, and play tourist with the SF natives. I might even try to visit the Adobe offices if they’ll let me in I have time! The moral of the story: be there! Get your tickets now! Early Bird pricing ends Friday, July 9th! That’s today! But wait, there’s more! As a part of litl’s sponsorship, we’ll be giving away a FREE ticket to FITC during our two upcoming webinars focused on the litl SDK! This is your chance to get a guided, first-hand look under the hood of the litl SDK, and to be eligible to win a pass to FITC! Check out the details here, but remember, space is limited, so be sure to reserve your spot today! Good luck, and see you in San Francisco!