I simply cannot get over how strange the time in which we live is. Social networks are a portayal of our self-images, no matter how accurate. People can be arrested for what they post online. Online activity is no longer seen as a separate, virtual world, but rather an extenstion of our physical reality.

For the last few years, I’ve been somewhat active on Quora, an information exchange community. It’s one of those places that you get as much out of as you put into. This was never more apparent than last week, when I was contacted by a publisher who works for Quora, about my answer to the question: What is the most valuable programming language to know for the future, and why?

Basically, the conversation consisted of the publisher telling me that she liked my answer, and that with my permission, she’d like to re-publish it on Forbes. Honestly, at first, I thought it was spam, or some kind of silly joke, but I did my homework, and sure enough, it all checked out. Quora has a content partnership with Forbes, which makes sense from a business perspective in the same way that reality television makes sense to TV network execs (you don’t have to pay writers).

So, of course, I agreed, and now I have content I’m proud of on Forbes. How awesome and telling of our time is that? Thanks, Quora!

Update: the post on Forbes has since been viewed over 100,000 times, and I just received a job offer because of it. Like I said, crazy times we live in.