Me Presenting at FITC

My session at FITC San Francisco went very well, and I’m super-humbled to have taken part in such an awe-inspiring event.

To those of you who were not able to attend or make it to my session, fear not! I’ve posted the slides, and will be presenting this topic again on September 9th in a Connect session, for the Boston Flex Application Incubators Group (#BFAIG). See details here, and register at In case you need to be sold a bit more, check out @RJOwen’s comprehensive review of @FITC day 1 on @InsideRIA. By the way, this was my first FITC event ever, and I cannot believe I let myself go this long without attending. The sessions from Theo Watson/Emily Gobeille, Eric Natzke, Brendan Dawes, Keith Peters, Robert Hodgin, and Yugo Nakamura were simply astounding. I have not been blown-away and filled with admiration and wonder like that in quite a long time. I can’t do the experience justice by describing it, but once again, RJ saves. the. day.

Even if I didn’t win a ticket to a FITC event next year playing trivia on Colin Moock’s Megaphone platform, I’d gladly pay full ticket price to experience it again. Simply amazing job once again, Shawn! P.S. Some notes about the slides: The photography used in the backgrounds are my own original, award-winning work. My work made it into my alma-mater University of Cincinnati’s Art Gallery, in the ‘Best of the Decade’ exhibit. I have a lot more photography work hidden away, so I decided to use it since I’ve been trying to do something different with my slides. Also, Chuck Freedman and I will be presenting at the FITC Unconference at MAX and at RIAUnleashed about multi-player gaming on the litl OS! Go grab the SDK and start submitting channels to the litl Channel Store! UPDATE: I’ve just been informed that my presentation is now being featured on the home page! I’m batting 1000 on Slideshare! Thank you all for checking out my slides! </a>