Sitting here, after a whirlwind weekend in New York City for Flash and the City, I’m really very thankful. The last 8 months have been intense, and the amount of work Elad, Jose, Jesse and I put into this event is difficult to quantify. What makes it all worth it was all of the compliments and outstanding feedback from the community, other speakers, attendees and sponsors. As a first time conference, (which at times we were all too aware of), I think we made the best possible showing we could. Nothing’s ever going to be perfect, but for our rookie season, I think people were generally very pleased and even more happy that New York has a new event.

I’d like to thank all of you that came to my session (including other speakers), and for the wonderful compliments, and tips/pointers for next time. I am still getting feedback and people who weren’t even there have said that they’ve heard great things. I could not be more humbled or personally satisfied. I’d like to thank Elad for letting me be a part of this and giving me the opportunity to help shape the future of this event. I can’t wait for FATC 2011. It will be even better with your feedback. Even more importantly, I’d love to thank my wife for being so patient with me over the last months while organizing the event and for spending part of our anniversary in New York. You’re the best, I love you.