FATC + litl = ! A few weeks ago, I was invited to join a special group of developers in Boston at litl to kick the tires on the web book and preview the upcoming SDK in a hands-on training session. I wanted to take this time to publicly thank them for having me and giving me a sneak peek at the truly innovative work they are doing. I also wanted to mention, that the more people I meet at litl, the more I realize that this is a company that gets what makes a great user experience. As I said on the episode of RIARadio which featured Chuck Freedman and yours truly, litl is a company that is filling a niche that people didn’t even know existed. So, as a developer and an organizer of Flash and the City, you can understand my excitement to have them as a sponsor. Even more to my point, litl has chosen Flash and the City to make several unbelievable contributions, including an expansion of the private SDK beta, sponsoring the Hudson River Yacht Cruise, giving FATC Award winners their very own litl web book, and most recently, announcing the launch of a Flash-based web-TV product! According to litl’s Chief Evangelist… Chuck Freedman:

“I can say that we will have a Flash-Based “Web-Connected TV” device on the market, running litl OS as well as ALL channels built with our new SDK.” “In the coming months, our SDK will be expanded to include “accelerometer movement, video chat, trackpad gestures, and microphone input” that will allow open development of “gaming, communication, entertainment and other experiences.” “We believe that our platform’s use of Flash will be the best and easiest way for developers to deliver great content and applications to the TV!” I don’t know about you, but the prospect of being able to develop for Flash-based hardware, including TVs, with an open-source SDK is simply incredible! I’m so grateful that litl will be at Flash and the City to kick off their development platform. @ChuckStar and Katryn Rotondo will be giving an overview of the litl SDK in a new session on Sunday morning at 11am, and several others from litl will be on hand to answer any questions and demo the web book. Also, if you attend my session, I may be mentioning and or/demoing the sample channel I built. No promises though. A lot can happen and NOT happen in 3 days. :-) See you at Flash and the City!