Somehow with iPhones and Flash and CS5 and John Mayer, the release of the Community Help Client was overshadowed. This is way underrated, and a much more significant announcement than it may seem. Many problems people had with CS4 was the fact that the help system was only available online and didn’t open natively inside each app. With CHC, comes what I see as a near-perfect solution. CHC is an AIR app on Adobe Labs that checks for updates based on your preferences and stores your apps’ documentation on your local machine!

But wait, there’s more! You’re not limited to each app’s docs. You also have the option of searching other sources, like and the Community Help site itself! You will eventually be able to do “code search” at some point according to the Labs site. But it doesn’t stop there! Putting the ‘community’ in Community help, there is a ‘Feedback and Ratings’ tab. This may be my favorite feature of CHC. You can rate entries, add your comments, suggest, tips, corrections, or links!

The community now has one unified place to share knowledge and improve documentation for Adobe’s products! Go get Community Help Client on Labs today!